Don't know your hair condition ?

Understanding your hair type is essential for choosing the right hair care products and routines. Hair types can range from straight to wavy, curly,
and kinky. Each hair type has its unique characteristics, and knowing your hair type will help you achieve the best results for your hair.

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Pick Your Hair & Scalp Condition

Hair Fall & Dandruff

Split Ends and Fly Away Hair

Allergic Reaction to PPD

There are two types of dandruff, dry dandruff and oily dandruff. Pollution, harsh chemicals, season change, excess hair wash that upsets the oil balance on the scalp can all contribute towards cells clustering together and appearing as white flakes - we know that as dry dandruff. The over active oil glands on the scalp, produces excess oil that mixes with the dry flakes and becomes a rather unpleasant gook like yellowish substance that is oily dandruff.

The super powerful 21 Herb Hair Oil arrests hair fall, improves hair growth and thickness. It also battles dandruff. A little goes a long way! Massage with your fingertips into your scalp skin and spread evenly. Oil the rest of your hair all the way from roots to the hair ends.

If you have dry dandruff, exfoliate the scalp with a mix of powdered rock salt and 21 Herb Hair Oil. If you have oily dandruff your mix to exfoliate should be powdered rock salt and wild rose/ anti frizz shampoo.

Hot towel treatment: Dip a thin towel in boiling hot water. Squeeze out excess water and wrap the towel around your head to steam your scalp. This opens the pores for easy absorption of the oil. Repeat 2 - 3 times. Hot towel helps the oil to seep into the roots to strengthen them. Leave on for a maximum of 1 hour and then shampoo it off twice.

Do regular oil massages, once or twice a week with the 21 Herb Hair Oil to keep the scalp nourished, healthy, to stop hair fall and dandruff free.

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